Ines Delgado Rusli

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - son tra mi ona

Behold this place of liberation,
a space for transformation.
Let us interbeings gather in this party ceremony to honour and remember our past, present and future.
Charged and oscillating with techno-magick, we re-learn the language of belonging.
The voice we release,
the voice we empower.
The voice we respond to the callings of our ancestors.
As we channel their voices through us, energetic alignments are formed between
the internal and external realm.
Transcending with the sounds of creation,
we are blessed with the spell of the sensuous.


Deeply listen beyond the ears

I am a tECkhnO healer,
master of ceremonies,

who dives into agents of healing
to liberate the core and restore the energetic misalignments in oneself, using an assemblage
of psychoactive, alchemical technologies, sound, deep listening, movement and performance.
A deep exploration in my work is the intersection between technology, spirituality and magick,
where I travel into the physical, virtual and mystical realms of existence.
My work centers on remembering and transforming ways of communicating to ourselves, each other and the world,
by channeling ancestry towards creating collective-individual offerings, where an intermediary space is formed
as a new portal for interbeing gatherings.

Listening Beyond Our Ears to Find a Place of Belonging

We are born into this uni-verse of silence and sounds. As we emerge as vibrating particles with electromagnetic fields,
we compose this many-voiced biosphere. Sound is the most universal language for humans, animals and nature.
Being guided with practices of deep listening, I have become the creature I longed to be in our more-than-human world.
By fusing theology, ancestral practices and Feng Shui, I explore the depths of listening beyond our ears to find a place of belonging.
This thesis shares my personal and artistic transformation by introducing how sound can become a healing process
to (re)unite the mind, body and soul.

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“Our biosphere erupts with dynamic polyphonies that propagate in a five dimensional plane.
As human beings, we use our ears to hear and listen as a way to perceive the world.”

“We may not understand other languages from different cultures or even species,
but if we practice listening we begin to understand more than words. […] Using our curiosity and imagination,
we can become more aligned with one another, as “kinship and community are no longer just ideas,
but are lived, sensual relationships.” Entering this deeper dimension of sound, I become sound and sound becomes me.”

“We all constitute as players in this 3D render of life;
running streams of insecurities, difference and power to survive.
However, some enact their fear by producing hypnotising frequencies,
regulating our freedom of speech and governing our tongues.
Sounds play a large role in embodying, through us, this destructive system
that we live in today. Understanding this, how can we use this knowledge to
transcend the sound into a system of healing, recalibration and interconnectedness?”

“By simply giving them the gift of our attention, our senses begin to remember
what belonging means, by listening to the changes of progression and agony in our community.”

“Our bodies have a natural impulse to endlessly repair and regenerate themselves
to recreate a state of order and harmony; to be in tune.”

Fig 1: Sympathetic Resonance
Fig 2: Entrainment













latin: sound

latin: trans > across, beyond
proto-indo-european: through, throughout, over
sanskrit: to liberate

from the latin hymn

catalan: wave
proto-slavic: she, they

sound liberates one
liberate beyond sound

son tra mi ona is a party-ceremony that focalises on remembering and transforming ways of listening.
I invite my audience to join me for a sacred gathering to reboot our microsystem, where sounds will
transcend and metamorphose us into transpecies by relearning the language of our universe.
I aim to reclaim the power of technology by using it as my techno-magick and modalities of healing.
I alchemise circuits of electricity that fuse into wearable artifacts where my voice is transmitted
and is downloaded by other beings through feeling vibrational sensations on their bodies. As we re-align
our energetic misalignments in ourselves and synchronize to our natural rhythms once again, we can liberate.

the voice we release
the voice we empower
the voice we liberate

Gratitudes for creating along side me:
Mas Surojo
Maarten Keus
Ziko Assink
Amos Peled
Mick Muscaria
Adriaan Wormgoor
Mirna Attia
Loan Favan
Sohpie Digby
Gus Till
Dayton Audio

to my soul circle who flow in synchronicity with me
Camila Chebez
Jack Attwood
Nicolas Landriati
Alfonso Romero

for making sounds, co creating sounds, inspiring sounds
Switches :
pamela varela
Ella Hebendanz

to those who helps me guide my voice:
Anna Arov
Lyndsey Housden
Carmen Mitrovic
Endika Ipiña
Timo Tiffert

to the poly-rhythms that ground me home:
Familia DeRu
Batuque Capoeira
mama Bali
papa Laga

to the spirits who fill my being my idyllic frequencies:
spider webs
komodo dragons
manta rays
sea stars
pine cones


We, are stronger together


We are sWitches, a collective formed by pamela varela (Mexico), Ella Hebendanz (Germany), and Ines DeRu (Spain/Indonesia).
We use technology as our magickal tools, spells and ingredients to create a new realm for feminism, collectiveness and empowerment.
We make use of our diverse origin and creative approaches as a way to link back to our own roots, while creating a new circuitry.
Hacktiving the individually-driven art world, we join forces to create a communal-based project, spreading our future visions of co-creation. 

*tECkhnO references techno without diminishing eco. As well, the (mis)spelling
introduces the idea of political activism, no conformism, DISORDER. 

We envision a world where our individual spells generate a ritualistic act of resistance,
an ecosystem where our cyberfeminist tECkhnO magick influences the physical, virtual and mystical realms.
In this 2021 Aquarius year, a sign representing the collective, humanitarianism, the future,
and innovation, moving forward from isolation to collaboration, we want to go beyond our current sphere
and expand our bioelectrical fields into the world.

Field: cyberfeminist tECkhnO-magick 

Medium: Sound/Visual/Movement
generative installation-performance

Duration: 1 hour per performance, 4 times per day  

Materials: brass, steel, bioplastics, textiles, kombucha leather, paper mache, clay, vinyl, electronics (vibrational speakers, microphones, speakers, projectors, motors, sensors, lights), etc.

Space Specifications:

1. Sacred Temple Space
The architecture of Gallery 4 enhances the feeling of entering and being in a sacred space.
We wish to transform the space and create a temple. Stained glass 

2. Portal Entrance
The entrance stairs invite us to create a gateway for the audience to enter the sacred space.
The windows will be covered with our manifesto in text, and the semi-transparency will allow
the audience have a peek of what is happening inside, to then be able to enter. Regulate flow 

3. Sound Echo Chamber
The whole performance runs a sonic piece in the background, and the echo of the room enhances the spiritual experience.

4. High Ceilings
We will be hanging bioplastic skin-looking sheets symbolizing skin and acting as aesthetical cohesive device for the whole piece. 

5. Starry Night
Bringing about the mysticism of the night, we will be partially covering the skylight with
dark vinyl sticker with holes, to create a sky full of stars. The sun would be entering the space
and illuminating it in a magical way.

6. Autonomous Space
The spatial autonomy of Gallery 4 gives us the possibility to control the entirety of the environment,
its flow and its surroundings. There would not be any interferences (sonic or of other kind) with other projects,
and we would have the possibility to maintain the sacredness of the/our safe space. Own universe 

7. Large spatial dimension for the three of us
There are only a few spaces in the academy that could fit our
three projects, given that they contain several elements and are of extensive size. 

8. Black Box, White Cube 
The format of our work, an installation performance, combines the performative black box (theater) with
the artistic white cube (gallery), creating a refreshing vision that extends the beyond its limits.




Format: Electronic Vocal Generative
Installation-Performance with 3 Acts 

Material: Dayton Audio Exciters
(Vibrational Speakers), Sound Card, Amps,
Brass, Bioplastics, Paper Mache

Software: Ableton

The making behind the electronic artifacts

Charged with energies from Indonesia

I listen
I mediate
I connect
I activate
I sound
I become

me >> sound card >> amp >> exciters (electronic listening artifacts)

me + you == transcend into becoming transpecies

join my
interbeing gathering
where sounds will
guide us back home